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How to Choose the Best Machine Knife Sharpening Tool

The type of sharpening tool you have will make a big difference in how long your tools stay sharp. Blades come in all sizes and shapes, but if they aren’t sharp they are pretty much useless. Not to mention the aggravation you go through when using them. You need a machine knife sharpening you can depend on to keep your blades sharp. That will take some research to find a good tool.

There are several types of sharpening tools available today. One is connected to the can opener on your counter, and other, a stand-alone, can be found for various prices at hardware stores, Walmart, and other stores who carry knives and blades that need sharpening. Of course, the price you want to pay has so to do with the type of machine knife sharpening tool you buy, but you also have to remember, if you want your blades to last longer, the type of sharpener is important.

Types of Machine Knife Sharpening Tools

Knife sharpers can sharpen more than knives; they can also be used to sharpen mower blades, clippers, scissors, and other blades that dull with use. They can be straight or plain meaning the type of sharpener can be for:

         Straight edge blades

         Serrated edge blades

You can find a sharpener for $30 or more, depending on the brand, type, and use for the sharpener. These are affordable for most households, but they will wear out the blades faster if they aren’t made with the right sharpening stone.

A machine knife sharpening tool should have a built-in guide, so you can control the edge.  They should have more than one slot for a blade, and they should be made from diamond coated stones to grind. The ones with diamond coated stones are usually top of the line with price to match; however, unless you have hundreds of knives like they do in restaurants, then you won’t use them enough to justify the cost.

You can find other stones that work just as well for your home kitchen or garage. There are several types of sharpeners.

         Manual (flat stones)

         Whet and oil

         Hand held


         Machine knife sharpening stones

Technology has come a long way since the Stone Age. They used two stones to sharpen their blades back then, it progressed to whet and oil stones, and then on to the sharpening tools you can use today.  Although many still like to use an old flat stone to sharpen blades, but today, there are many products you use that have blades that need to be kept sharpened.

From sharpening hand clippers to lawn mowers to scissors using a hand stone can become tiresome. Using a machine knife sharpening with the right type of grinding wheel is best for all the tools around your house.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Knife Sharpening Tools

The major advantage of using a machine knife sharpening is it makes your blades last longer. It also makes the job easier as a sharp blade slices through what it needs to with minimum effort.  You can increase your productive and speed up the job.

The disadvantage is if you choose the wrong sharpening tool, it will grind your blade down to nothing - in no time.  Also, the sharpener may only take a straight blade, not any of the curved or round blades.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

The diamond coated machine knife sharpening tool, of course, is the best. However, you can also find other types of stones that will do almost the same when sharpening a blade. There are three types of grinding stones.

         Coarse stone – this type of stone usually sharpens both sides of the blade at one time. You just place the blade on the stone and pull it slowly through. A couple of times and the blade is sharpened. This type is perfect for blunt blades

         Medium stone --  this type of stone removes scratches and chips as is sharpens the blade’s edge

         Polish stone – this type of stone polishes and buff the blade to like new again

Most machine knife sharpening tools are easy and fast to use. Although, you don’t have the same control over the blade as you do with a whet stone or oil stone. They normally have built-in guides, which makes it easy for the non-professional knife sharpener. However, they can remove too much of the blade if used the wrong way.

They are great for a quick sharpen when need them and they come in different size to fit into any type room such as the kitchen, tool room, or garage.

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